About Us

We are INDIA's FIRST Speciality Geriatric Dental Centres.

We Provide Prosthodontic and Restorative Dentistry to the elderly and aging population.

What is Geriatric Dentistry:

Geriatric Dentistry is a special branch of Dentistry pertaining to Dentistry for the elderly. It mainly involves providing restorative and prosthodontic dental care to the elderly to improve their quality of life.

Dentures and More:

With Dentures and More, we provide one-stop solutions for replacement of missing teeth with various options such as Removable Partial Dentures, Fixed Partial Dentures, Cast Partial Dentures, Complete Dentures, Immediate Dentures, Over-Dentures, Implant Supported Dentures, Soft Dentures, Precision Attachment supported Dentures, etc. This means we can always find an option which suits your requirements and budgets.

Also, what we have done is that We have incorporated the concept of Neuromuscular dentistry so the dentures are made according to the surrounding muscles and tissues so that the dentures feel like a part of the mouth and the surrounding tissues work to hold it in place rather than oppose it. This helps to provide you with most comfortable, good looking and functional denture solutions.

In cases where we have a few teeth or roots remaining, we can use them to provide additional support by use of various attachments. This is called overdentures.

For cases, where few teeth are missing, we can provide Cast partial Dentures, in which we have a metallic framework which is supported by remaining teeth. This is very stable, does not impinge on gums and is thus very comfortable for patients.

We have developed Innovative techniques for denture fabrication using newer materials to provide you with most comfortable and pleasant denture experience ever in short convenient appointments. During the entire denture fabrication procedures, We do not use any Hot materials in your mouth.

In fact, our techniques have been so popular that we have dentists coming over from all over India to learn from us.

comfort and convenience for elderly being our priority,  We have designed a large open clinic keeping convenience in mind. We are located on the Ground floor and the whole of our premises is wheelchair accessible right from the car to the dental chair. In fact, we are one of the only few clinics in Noida which is wheelchair accessible in the true sense.

We also try our best to schedule our elderly patients as per their convenience and preference.